[Athen] Two New EASI Webinars in May (May 3 and 22)

Prof Norm Coombs norm.coombs at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 14:40:09 PDT 2012

Two New EASI Webinars in May
May 3: the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII)
May 22 Better Communication With Plain English

Registration for both is online at: http://easi.cc/clinic.htm/#may

Free Webinar: the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII)
Thursday May 3: 11 AM Pacific, Noon Mountain, 1 PM Central and 2 PM Eastern
(all US daylight)
Presenter: Jim Tobias, Inclusive Technologies
Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII) is about building
accessibility features into the infrastructure of the Internet itself. GPII
will combine cloud computing, web, and platform services to make access
simpler, more inclusive, available everywhere, and more affordable. When
completed it will provide the infrastructure needed to make it possible for
companies, organizations, and society to put the web within reach of all --
by making it easier and less expensive for consumers with disabilities, ICT
and AT companies, Public Access Points, employers, educators, government
agencies and others to create, disseminate, and support accessibility
across technologies.

Free EASI Webinar: Better Communication With Plain English

Tuesday May 22 at 11 AM Pacific, Noon Mountain, 1 PM Central and 2 PM
Eastern (all US daylight times)

Presenter: Angela Hooker

one of the hazards of academia is that people often believe they must
provide lectures, papers and even Web pages using pedantic language with
long compound, complex sentences and with, not 4-letter words, but 4-5
syllable words and sound like a doctor or lawyer trying to impress the
client with their learning. We sometimes try to dazzle the audience rather
than communicating.
Government and some businesses have joined the 'plain English' movement.
The first goal of a Web page should be to communicate rather than to dazzle
or entertain. Angela is an avid proponent of this cause.

Register for either or both of these webinars at:

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