[Athen] RE: Accessible Accounting Software?

Jennifer Sutton jsuttondc at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 17:21:28 PDT 2012

Here is a link to the accounting software that Robert mentions below,
in addition to the link to the Peachtree/JFW scripts that Patrick cited:



At 05:11 PM 4/30/2012, you wrote:



>As already mentioned, there are now scripts for JAWS that supposedly

>makes PeachTree accessible. I have not worked with them eitehr, but

>they sound promising. Also, there is an accounting package out of

>Australia that was created with visually impaired individuals in

>mind. It has a US version, so it should be fine in that

>regard. The question is, will the instructors accept work done in a

>different package.



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