[Athen] Accessible Accounting Software?

Patrick Burke burke at ucla.edu
Mon Apr 30 15:58:34 PDT 2012

Hi Norma Jean,

There has been some discussion recently of Jaws scripts for
Peachtree. I haven't used them myself, but here's the link.:


Hmm, looks like they are just down the street from me here in LA...

For your other issues with the student, I have no answer. The
Peachtree scripts won't help if he isn't willing to learn Jaws basics.

Good luck,

At 02:54 PM 4/30/2012, Normajean.Brand wrote:

>My first question: Is there an accounting software that works with

>JAWS or WindowsEyes for the blind?


>We have a blind student (no sight) who insists on taking an

>accounting class that is dependent on using Peachtree accounting

>software as part of the curriculum. Maybe it's because I don't know

>JAWS well enough but I'm not able to get JAWS to work with

>Peachtree. Admittedly, I also don't know Peachtree accounting

>software either. This student is also "insisting" that we purchase

>software that is accessible and books that are accessible to him so

>he can take this class. It's not a class that is on his degree plan

>so it would be an elective.


>Note: This student also does not have nor wants to learn computer

>skills, does not have nor wants to learn JAWS or other assistive

>software. He is expecting someone to read the textbooks, scribe/read

>his tests, search for the answers for him, and use the software for

>him. Is there something I'm missing or are these reasonable requests?


>I keep checking all the usual places for the textbooks in an

>accessible format that he might be able to use and so far the books

>are not available.


>Any suggestions are welcome!


>Norma Jean


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