[Athen] Anyone have experience with the Index Braille Box V4 Embosser?

Schwarte, David M. schwarte at purdue.edu
Wed Aug 15 07:44:43 PDT 2012

We have not had Experience with the Braille Box; however, we have had two different Everest embossers. The Everest is also a sheet fee embosser and an Index product. The Everest has definitely been quieter than the VersaPoint before it. I would not say that it was quiet. If you can get away with out using the sound enclosure it may reduce the number of paper jams. Most of the embossers I have dealt with, including the Everest have issues with paper handling that are made worse by the enclosure. Having said that, our current Everest, a version 3, has had very few problems with paper jams. If the paper is put in carefully and riffled a little before it is put in, so it does not stick together, we have had very few issues. I like the single sheet feeder option since it takes less skill to put in more paper than tractor feed embossers. I just wish there was something that worked like a laser printer feeder.

David Schwarte

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Does anyone have experience with the Braille Box V4 Embosser by Index Braille, or an earlier model of the Braille Box embosser?

We have quite a bit of experience using the Juliet Pro 60 braille embosser and using tractor feed paper. We need to setup another embosser at a different location, and are faced with having to purchase/build a special sound enclosure to keep the noise level civil to those around it. We are curious about the Braille Box V4 embosser because it claims to be quiet which may offset the unit's higher cost by keeping our sound enclosure needs lower. Also the single sheet paper feeder is interesting. However, we've been told Index Braille embossers are known for having frequent paper jams.

I guess I'm wondering if anyone really knows whether paper jams are really/still a problem with Index Braille embossers and particularly with this unit. Also, does anyone know what it is like to live around a Braille Box embosser (in terms of noise level)?

Thanks for any feedback!
Brian Richwine
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