[Athen] Recommendations for a magnification product to enlarge the board for a visually impaired Student

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Hello Peggy,

We have had great success with the Acrobat 22" portable CCTV. When choosing a product for this purpose, we initially put both the Onyx and Acrobat products side by side in a classroom simulation with writing on a board and invited in some of our visually impaired students for testing. They all preferred the Acrobat and I felt that the optics were superior. I have found more optical magnification as opposed to digitally enhanced magnification creates better clarity on these types of cameras.
The students that we tested the units with, mostly had Macular Degeneration in the 20/400 range, so you might find different preferences with other VI populations. We now have increase to 3 of the devices as they have become increasingly popular for reading boards in classrooms.


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Good Morning,
Our campus is looking for recommendations for a magnification product that your campus has used to enlarge the board in class for a visually impaired student . We are researching products on line but would like a recommendation for a product you may have used successfully on your campus for this situation.

Thank you,

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