[Athen] new LinkedIn group focusing on campus ICT accessibility and people with disabilities

Jennison Mark Asuncion asuncion at alcor.concordia.ca
Sun Feb 5 08:40:37 PST 2012


The ICT Accessibility in Higher Education Network LinkedIn group has been
created for faculty, staff, students with disabilities, and others
directly involved or interested in ensuring that all information and
communication technology (ICT) that colleges and universities consider for
adoption, purchase, support, and use is accessible to people with
Typically, issues related to technology accessibility for people with
disabilities at colleges and universities are assumed to be the exclusive
responsibility of the individuals and offices on campus who deliver
disability-related support and services, or such issues are forgotten
about or left until it is too late. The goal of this group is to leverage
LinkedIn to broaden the campus ICT accessibility conversation to include
everyone who has a role in the selection/purchase, implementation,
support/training on, and use of technology in the college and university
setting, in and out of the classroom. Only in this way can we assure that
the full campus experience can be made technologically accessible to
everyone, particularly people with disabilities.

Join the conversation at http://www.linkedin.com/groups?about=&gid=4286825
and please share this with others at your college or university.


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