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Shawn Foster fosters at sou.edu
Tue Jun 12 09:47:06 PDT 2012

I've used VoiceOver with OpenOffice in the past (Snow Leopard), and Apple
still lists OO as a supported
It might be helpful to make sure that the student has updated both the OS
and OO.

If your student needs text to speech access rather than a full
screenreader, then using Apple's built-in Speech will probably be a good
solution. I send these links to a lot of students:
Speech is the built-in text reading software your Mac has. There are great
instructions in video and print versions for using it for various purposes
To read text in TextEdit, Safari, and many other programs:
To read a PDF file aloud:
To automatically convert a text file to an audio file in iTunes:

And I'd second Jeff's statement - GhostReader is a good inexpensive choice
with some nice voices.

Hope that's helpful,
*Shawn Foster, MA*
Assistive Technology Specialist
Disability Resources
*Southern Oregon University*

On Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 8:32 AM, Nies, Gerry <gerry.nies at email.und.edu>wrote:

> I am not a Mac user but trying to learn.


> I have a student with a Mac who needs text to speech for his text books.

> He uses OpenOffice for word processing and from what I can determine

> Voiceover does not work with OpenOffice. Nor does Mac version of Read&Write.


> Is there any no/low cost software out there?


> Any help would be greatly appreciated.


> Thanks

> Gerry Nies

> University of North Dakota




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