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Wink Harner wink.harner at mesacc.edu
Mon Jun 18 14:46:46 PDT 2012

Liza et al,

Here is a link to the specs required for either an iPad using Dragon for
Apple, or using Dragon on a netbook. I believe that both the processing chip
& the hard drive have to be modified for netbook to work properly for the
Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech engine to work well. The netbook does have a
built-in speech to text capacity, but IMHO, it is neither sufficient or


It is my humble opinion in this case I believe that Dragon would work better
on the Apple as the speech engine & internal sound card is more
sophisticated in the Apple than it is in a netbook. Also with the iPad, one
can download a free Bluetooth app and use an iPhone as a Bluetooth mic for
the iPad. Pretty slick!

I am a Dragon guru. You can contact me off-line if you need more help.


Ms. Wink Harner
Project Support
OHS - NU6 119
Mesa Community College
1833 W. Southern Avenue
Mesa AZ 85202


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Hello everyone -

I am working with a student who needs a speech to text program that can fit
on her Netbook - she has very limited use of her wrists and is not able to
carry around a full-sized laptop and needs typing assistance. We have looked
at all of the versions of Dragon, but they use too much RAM and memory. Have
you all had any students using speech to text on Netbooks or even iPads that
have been successful? Thanks for any and all suggestions!


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