[Athen] Is there an app for that Lab computers available

Nies, Gerry gerry.nies at email.und.edu
Fri May 4 08:11:46 PDT 2012

We are looking for an app or something that would allow a person to see if computers are available in a lab from their phone or other device.

Computer Lab Solutions has something but it is not useable with VoiceOver on an iPad. When asked about 508 compliance it was obvious they had no idea what that was " While ease of use is a high priority for us, Computer Lab Solutions is not a federal agency and therefore 508 compliance is not required of our product. We continue to strive to make LabStats a convenient and useful tool for lab managers who utilize it and appreciate any feedback we receive regarding its use."

Gerry Nies
Disability Services for Students
University of North Dakota

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