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Hi all,

Re Speech to text - Dragon Dictation software, if purchased as a site
license (professional version), can allow for any user on campus to log in
and use any (suitably equipped) computer anywhere with the user's roaming
profile. I have successfully used Dragon 11+ & up on one computer while
logged in remotely (off site) to another and been able to successfully
dictate and do SOME computer control. My ability to do this was based on the
fact that Dragon was loaded & running on the computer I was logged into &
sitting in front of, not on the computer I was logging into remotely.

iPhone has a really good Dragon speech engine & Dragon dictation built into
the phone (stays with the user, not the program or computer staying with the
institution). There is no such equivalent yet for Droid, although it's in
the works. Now, both iPhone and Android smartphones can act as Bluetooth
remote (= not tied by direct cable/inline mic to the computer) dictation
devices with a computer which has DNS installed.

I think the idea of having this as an integral part (speech to text) of the
accessibility tool box would be very important too and I agree with James!


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Good morning all, I am looking for feedback. In a closed interface (access
features built in) what would be the minimum types of functionality you
would want to see. For example line by highlighting is a must for me.

Ron Stewart



How about operational controls as identical to the stand alone AT as
possible. No need to force the user to learn a new set of keystrokes. And
if you really want to ice the cake, make the command set end-user selectable
i.e. choose JAWS or WindwEyes or NVDA keystrokes.

We this thing support speech to text?

My two pennies.
Best regards,



James Bailey M.S.
Adaptive Tech Coordinator
University of Oregon

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