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The best route to produce DAISY from InDesign is to produce it as a XHTML document which then can be brought into a compliant editor for editing and addition of alt text of the like. This functionality is fully supported in ID but therer are a couple of trick to getting a usable output.

There are artifacts from InDesign that will have to be removed from the document that are related to clean export of the document structure. I have a reference doc I am happy to share off line. Though it was created for ID 5.5 and things have changed a little bit.

The reason I perfer this method to a straight ePub export is that it provides a document that works with most AT, the majority of which do not support ePub3 currently

Ron Stewart

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> Hello All:



> I have a project to create an ebook on Universal Design for Digital Media -

> an offshoot of the online course I'm teaching. I saw a presentation on

> InDesign at a recent conference on Academic Technology and from a visual

> standpoint it looked like it had the capability to produce a really nice

> product. I understand that it can produce books in an ePub and Kindle

> (mobipocket) format. I haven't heard anything about DAISY. Does anyone

> have any feedback on the accessibility of this design platform (InDesign

> 6). Any recommendations for different tool?



> Also, I welcome collaboration from anyone who'd like to contribute to

> the book. Let me know if you're interested and I can give you more

> detail.



> Thanks in advance.



> -Howard


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