[Athen] NaturallySpeaking Error Message

Mon Apr 29 16:04:58 PDT 2013


We have a student who is getting the following error message with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 11.0 which he is running on a computer with Windows 7.

Dragon has encountered an error and may become unstable. Please save your work, close NaturallySpeaking by choosing Profile. Close Dragon Bar and restart NaturallySpeaking.

My student tried closing and restarting NaturallySpeaking as well as turning off the computer. He says that yesterday everything was running perfectly and that he has not made any changes to his computer in the interim. He cannot simply bypass the error and keep working.

Are any of you familiar with this error message and how to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance, Ellen

Ellen Cutler
Santa Monica College
Disabled Student Services/High Tech Training Center
1900 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
cutler_ellen at smc.edu

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