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I would try contacting gh and asking them. But in the meantime, have you
tried manually inserting a non-breaking space character?   or  


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On Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 6:19 PM, Sean Keegan <skeegan at stanford.edu> wrote:

> Hello all,


> I have been creating several DAISY books (actually just chapters)

> containing MathML content and am running into an issue with how the math

> content is displayed in the DAISY player. Specifically, the math equations

> are being displayed right next to the following text content with no

> "space" between the two elements. There is no issue with reading, but the

> problem is with the visual presentation of the math equation and the text.

> Because the two elements do not appear to be separated by a space, the

> equation looks like it flows directly into the text itself.


> I have checked the MS Word document and there is a space preceding and

> following the equation, so that's not a problem. When I view the dtbook.xml

> file in a Web browser, the spacing appears appropriate. Unfortunately, the

> issue appears when viewing the DAISY book from a DAISY player (specifically

> Read Hear PC).


> I tried modifying the CSS file, but had no luck. Has anyone else

> encountered this issue and have a workaround for this?


> I am creating my DAISY + Math documents using:

> MS Word 2010

> MathType 6.9

> Save As DAISY (saving as DTBook.xml and then using DP 2)

> DAISY Pipeline 2

> MathDAISY 1.0


> I am reading the resulting DAISY books using Read Hear Premium PC.


> Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome. I have a sample document

> that I could share offline.


> Take care,

> Sean


> Sean Keegan

> Associate Director, Assistive Technology

> Office of Accessible Education - Stanford University





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