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Our campus currently uses Adobe Connect and I have had a little experience using it. The keystrokes only work if you have downloaded and installed the Adobe Connect plugin. The platform also has to be a Windows machine. I have also had varying results, depending on the computer and screenreader used. When the accessibility works Connect is not bad to use. Adobe Connect does require some preparation on the screenreader users end so it may not be the ideal solution for your situation.

Unfortunately, I do not know about the accessibility of the communication software you list below. Our campus is currently evaluating alternatives and I would be curious about accessibility as well.

David Schwarte

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Hi all,

I posted this in early July to the DSSHE listserv with no luck. So I am posting this on here to see if I can get some feedback.

Our University has investigated Adobe Connect to use as a platform for online counseling should the need arise for students outside of Tennessee who are enrolled in an online/distance learning course. Adobe connect has a link of "Accessibility features", which include keyboard strokes "as much as possible without a mouse." When I was enrolled as a student in a Meeting session and activated JAWS, the keystrokes would not interact with ADOBE. I am not an avid JAWS user, so there may have been something I missed. Anyone out there use Adobe Connect and interface with JAWS? One comment by the Adobe rep. which caught my attention was this comment: "Please note that the Adobe Connect Hosted servers are not HIPAA compliant and therefore, UTC's Adobe Connect Hosted account does not meet the HIPAA compliance."

It was my recommendation not to pursue Adobe Connect as an online counseling avenue. Do any of you have any suggestions on which platform is accessible and could be used in a counseling scenario. The following are a list of other recommendations. If you have any knowledge of their accessibility features, please reply back Once I compile a list of suggestions, thoughts, concerned I will post to the list.

Cisco Webext
Citrix GotoMeeting
Blackboard Collaborate
Saba Meeting
Microsoft Live Meeting



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