[Athen] Accessible Instant Messaging Client? PeopleSoft/Oracle Access?

Jennifer Sutton jsuttondc at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 14:27:40 PDT 2013


For Instant Messaging, Instantbird for the PC may be adequate. It's
free and open source. Another choice (but a little more complex to
set up, in my view) would be Miranda.

And if this person is a Mac user, I believe ATIUM would work.

I hope this helps.


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>WE have a new blind staff member in our Graduate School who uses

>Jaws. The IT person for the school and the university have been

>trying to learn more about accessibility related to the following items.


>1. PeopleSoft (student information) tool: I've spoken with students

>of mine who have said that PeopleSoft is workable to a certain

>point, then they just prefer a sighted person. If I'm not mistaken,

>we were able to get Jaws and PeopleSoft to play nice up to the point

>a person needed to search for a class or a grade or whatever. This

>is, of course, several versions ago.


>The staff member is fairly adept at Jaws and yet is unable to get

>into the screen past the login. She has tried the usual keystroke

>combinations and can't get anything going. I've advised the Grad

>School's tech person to contact the company, but in the meantime,

>thought I'd see what others had to say.




>Instant Messaging Client. The school currently uses an open source

>tool - Jabber. Sending out messages isn't the issue, it's the

>incoming ones that won't read. Anyone know of Jaws accessible IM options?



>Thanks and Happy Labor Day and Happy start of the fall semester.




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