[Athen] Accessible Instant Messaging Client? PeopleSoft/Oracle Access?

Jean M Salzer jeano at uwm.edu
Thu Aug 29 13:21:07 PDT 2013


WE have a new blind staff member in our Graduate School who uses Jaws. The IT person for the school and the university have been trying to learn more about accessibility related to the following items.

1. PeopleSoft (student information) tool: I've spoken with students of mine who have said that PeopleSoft is workable to a certain point, then they just prefer a sighted person. If I'm not mistaken, we were able to get Jaws and PeopleSoft to play nice up to the point a person needed to search for a class or a grade or whatever. This is, of course, several versions ago.

The staff member is fairly adept at Jaws and yet is unable to get into the screen past the login. She has tried the usual keystroke combinations and can't get anything going. I've advised the Grad School's tech person to contact the company, but in the meantime, thought I'd see what others had to say.


Instant Messaging Client. The school currently uses an open source tool - Jabber. Sending out messages isn't the issue, it's the incoming ones that won't read. Anyone know of Jaws accessible IM options?

Thanks and Happy Labor Day and Happy start of the fall semester. --


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