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Thanks, I was afraid of that.

Cheers, Karen

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> Karen this is going to be very difficult to resolve, the easiest thing to do is create a new account and delete the old account.


> Ron Stewart


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> This is frustrating. I created a Gmail account over a year ago and haven’t used it because I always had password issues.


> I’m working on something now that having access to my Gmail account would come in handy.


> I’ve tried to reset my password “several” times without success. I end up in a circle of is this you, yes it is me, the information doesn’t match what we have, is this you, yes this is me, the information we have doesn’t match.


> At one point in the process you can say that you don’t remember the password but then two screens later it requires your old password.


> I found a 1-888 number with a google.com reference for support and called it. I think it might be similar to the Microsoft scam because the guy tried to tell me that spyware on my computer/despite Norton had corrupted my Gmail account. He wanted to put something on my computer and charge me for it. He also wanted access to my computer. All I wanted was for him, if he was working for Google as support, to help me reset my password and fix the problem on the Gmail end.


> All I want to do is to reset my password!


> It shouldn’t be that hard and if my account has been corrupted, how do I fix that?


> At this point I don’t know what is going on with the account. Google is of no help and I’m certainly not going to pay someone to put a block on my router to stop the spyware.


> Any help would be appreciated! Please e-mail off list.


> Cheers, Karen

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