[Athen] Problems with JAWS reading a library ebook

York, Kimberly kyork at fsu.edu
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A professor has told his class to use the ebook copy of the textbook available via our library system from EBSCO Host Full Text database, so while it is a required text they are not required to buy it (honestly I foresee this becoming more common). We have a blind student taking this course who uses JAWS, and would obviously prefer not buying the book if he doesn't have to. However neither he nor I can get JAWS to read the embedded PDF that EBSCO Host uses. I've futzed with settings in JAWS and read the help faq for EBSCO which claims that their viewer is accessible but, eh, not so much in my humble opinion.

Has anyone else dealt with this? Solutions? Suggestions? Am I overlooking something obvious?

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