[Athen] RE: PDF accessibility suggestions?

Ron Stewart ron at ahead.org
Tue Dec 3 14:46:55 PST 2013

This only works in this particular version of Acrobat and does not extend to
other versions nor does it back translate. PDF is not an accessible format
for any real alt format production purposes due to the these kinds of
issues. The Publishing industry wants you to believe otherwise but in
reality this is a myth

Ron Stewart

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I'm not sure what version you of Adobe Pro you are using but in version 11,
you can choose to recognize text (Adobe's fancy way of saying OCR) by All
pages, Current Page or select a specific page range. This setting is found
under Tools -> Text Recognition -> In This File. Perhaps a default setting
is causing you havoc.

Krista Greear

Access Text and Technology Manager

Disability Resources for Students

Univeristy of Washignton

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My staff have reported that several of the textbooks we have received for
next semester in PDF are only allowing us to make the PDFs accessible page
by page. They have been able to get a few to work after several tries but we
still have some that aren't cooperating. We are using Adobe Pro to break
PDFs into chapters and make them accessible. Does anyone have any
suggestions on what we can try? My only idea at this point is to print and
rescan the books so we can get them done quickly.

Thanks much

Megan Shadrick M.S., M.A., COMS

Associate Director, Disability Resource Center-Access Technology Center

Missouri State University

meganshadrick at missouristate.edu


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