[Athen] Login problems with Microsoft 365 login

Ken Petri petri.1 at osu.edu
Thu Dec 19 07:14:39 PST 2013

Ohio State students use Microsoft's hosted email system. (Faculty and staff
use a local Exchange instance.) The service for students that we call
Buckeyemail was upgraded by Microsoft earlier this week to keep it in line
with the MS 365 product.

We found that, once you had logged in once and your browser recognized your
organizational email address, subsequent logins with the same browser gave
you a login interface that was not (easily) accessible to screen reader
users. The organizational login button is not clickable using a screen
reader, unless you put the screen reader into pass-through mode --
something that we felt our students would be unlikely to discover on their

We have put a notification up on our Buckeyemail/email selection page, here:


Right now users are directed to contact our help line, but in the next day
or so we will be adding a link to a knowledge base article that explains
how to work around the issue. We are also in contact with MS through our
campus rep.

If your campus uses 365 for student or other email, your screen reader
users may be affected.

Note that keyboard only users are not affected. Note also that we could not
get VoiceOver on Mac to work with the login interface at all.

The problem is only apparent after you have logged in once and your browser
sets the cookie to remember your username for subsequent logins.


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