[Athen] Login problems with Microsoft 365 login

Doug Hayman dhayman at u.washington.edu
Thu Dec 19 11:22:14 PST 2013

It might be worth pinging Microsoft through this relatively new system:


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On Thu, 19 Dec 2013, Ken Petri wrote:

> Julie,


> Interestingly, MS Narrator + IE (Win 8) had no problem with the login. Go

> figure. Mac VoiceOver users appear to be totally out of luck -- I'd be

> interested to hear of others have had experience with Mac + VoiceOver,

> especially.


> We were able to use JAWS and NVDA in pass-through mode. I'll have to check

> on versions and browser combinations. But that is our current work-around:

> JAWS-KEY + z or NVDA-KEY + space bar and then tab to the "organizational

> login" announcement and press Enter to have focus put into the password

> field.


> If that one doesn't pan out in further testing, the alternative is to clear

> the browser cookies and cache and reload, which returns you to the "first

> timer" login screen. I'm hoping to avoid that "solution," as it's a serious

> hassle.


> It's a bad situation and one that Microsoft really should fix immediately.




> On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 1:27 PM, McGinnity, Julie A. (MU-Student) <

> jamzk7 at mail.missouri.edu> wrote:


>> Thank you for this. It fits perfectly with what we found as well. Even

>> in pass through mode with Jaws 14, I could not get the form field to show

>> up.


>> We also found that the mouse would not even access the forms when Jaws was

>> on. I would love to view any work-arounds that you have devised.

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>> Subject: [Athen] Login problems with Microsoft 365 login


>> Ohio State students use Microsoft's hosted email system. (Faculty and

>> staff use a local Exchange instance.) The service for students that we call

>> Buckeyemail was upgraded by Microsoft earlier this week to keep it in line

>> with the MS 365 product.


>> We found that, once you had logged in once and your browser recognized

>> your organizational email address, subsequent logins with the same browser

>> gave you a login interface that was not (easily) accessible to screen

>> reader users. The organizational login button is not clickable using a

>> screen reader, unless you put the screen reader into pass-through mode --

>> something that we felt our students would be unlikely to discover on their

>> own.


>> We have put a notification up on our Buckeyemail/email selection page,

>> here:


>> https://email.osu.edu/


>> Right now users are directed to contact our help line, but in the next day

>> or so we will be adding a link to a knowledge base article that explains

>> how to work around the issue. We are also in contact with MS through our

>> campus rep.


>> If your campus uses 365 for student or other email, your screen reader

>> users may be affected.


>> Note that keyboard only users are not affected. Note also that we could

>> not get VoiceOver on Mac to work with the login interface at all.


>> The problem is only apparent after you have logged in once and your

>> browser sets the cookie to remember your username for subsequent logins.


>> Best,


>> ken






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