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Pamela Riesmeyer riesmeyerp at purduecal.edu
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I'm looking for samples / examples of accessible plans of study for college
degrees and coming up empty. These documents are the ones used to identify
what courses a student needs to take or has taken to complete the
requirements for a degree.

They seem to go under different names depending on the university.. plans
of study, road maps, carousels, "bingo" sheets... The information they
contain is complicated and messy and must allow for many options, depending
on the particular school and requirements. General education requirements,
minors, majors, transfer credits, etc.

Some are designed to be printed and filled out by hand as the student goes
along. Others are interactive.

Purdue Calumet is trying to standardize a template for all academic
departments, which would be great. But how to make these less complicated
and easier to navigate via AT as well as being visually acceptable to the

To give an example of one of the sheets in use now - and again, these are
being revised and standardized - here is a "plan of study" PDF for an
Electrical and Computing Engineering
It started life as an Excel spreadsheet and I apologize - it is not tagged
well as yet.

I am just hoping that someone has had some success with this and, if so, I
would love to hear about it!

Thanks for any information anyone can provide.

Pam Riesmeyer


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