[Athen] Production of EPUB 3 Content?

George Kerscher kerscher at montana.com
Thu Feb 7 19:27:23 PST 2013


EPUB 3 has support for MathML, but which reading systems support it is still
up in the air. It seems that iBooks has some. We are working on the open
source reader under Readium, which Bookshare is supporting.

Pipeline 2 supports conversions to EPUB 3. I can put you in touch with
developers and the open source efforts.


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Hi George,

In your e-mail, you wrote the following:

> Other significant improvements have been introduced since
> last major release, based on feedback received from the
> DAISY community. This includes rendering of mathematical
> equations (with full support for the MathML-in-DAISY profile).
> Tobi now also comes with integrated EPUB 3 and DAISY 3 validators,
> which can be executed at import and export time.

Does this mean that there is support for mathematical equations in ePub
3 with the Tobi tool or is this just referring to the support for MathML
in DAISY books? Will there be support for converting DTBook documents
with MathML content into ePub 3 files with other DAISY tools?

Sean Keegan
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