[Athen] Requesting Assistance with PDF Document

Sean J Keegan skeegan at stanford.edu
Tue Feb 5 15:18:21 PST 2013

Hi Patrick,

I have seen this occur in some PDF documents that originally started as
MS Word documents. For some reason, the bullets from the automatic
numbering are interpreted as "nmlkj" in the text layer of the PDF
document. In nearly all cases, I was dealing with an untagged PDF
document (as far as I can remember).

Karen has the best recommendation of marking those symbols as Artifacts
in the PDF document. The other option would be to start from MS Word
again and export out a tagged PDF version. That *should* remedy the

What I used to do is make the conversion from PDF to MS Word and then do
a search/replace to remove the "nmlkj" and replace that with an asterisk.

Take care,

On 2/5/13 2:42 PM, Patrick Burke wrote:

> Helloooo ATHENians!


> I hate admitting defeat, but we have one rather large PDF file that is

> posing some baffling issues. If anyone would be willing to help analyze,

> I would much appreciate it. (I'll buy beers at CSUN, if you'll be

> there!...) Please get in touch off list: burke at ucla.edu


> The text is a 98-page e-book on a project to include PWDs in local &

> national volunteer activities, if that sparks anyone's interest. One of

> the problems I'm encountering is bullet symbols that get converted as

> "nmlkj", which is disturbing for screen reader users, to say the least.

> Apparently this is a unicode encoding issue, but I have no idea what to

> do about it.


> Thanks much for any help,


> Patrick



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