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We provide K3000 web licenses (PC and Mac) through our department, as described below. We also have Read and Write Gold (PC) installed on all 360 computers in our main computer lab. We generally provide edited files for K3000, especially if the book has complex formatting. Otherwise, the raw converted PDF is largely unusable and does not meet the standard of equal/equally effective for the accommodation.

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We maintain 30 Kurzweil 3000 Web licenses. That allows us to provide students with courtesy copies of K3000 for any computer they have, either PC or Mac. There is also a free Firefly app for the iPad. Kurzweil 3000 will open PDF, Word, RTF, and Powerpoint slides using the Kesi Virtual Printer installed on the computer. Placing materials in the Library (Kurzweil's cloud drive) through the main application students can log in on any computer with K3000 and open documents from the Library. Alternatively they can open a web browser to the Firefly site, log on just as they would with Kurzweil or the iPad Firefly app, and access the documents. A reader tool bar opens up. All provide good navigation and reading support.

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We are looking into making software available to Alt Formats students that will read PDFs (in the event they are not already using a screen
reader) available for both Mac and PC. I've talked to some of you individually, but if you can weigh in on what you are using I'd appreciate it! Right now we show the students NaturalReaders and/or the reader in Adobe.

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