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I don't believe you can accomplish this task as sensory neutral but,
depending on its underlying purpose you could provide sensory

The same word or phrase with different intonations, right?
The same word or phrase with different intonations, right? (read with
anger and sarcasm)

But if the task is intended to design faces that express/represent
emotions as visual elements in the game voicing and tonality don't
accomplish it. If as budding game designers they would select facial
features and expressions from a pool of pre-drawn elements for their
characters the closest the closest I can come is to have neural
descriptions of the features and ask them to create an angry face.
Something like Mouths: 1-mouth with upper lip forming two slightly
stretched arcs connected at the middle where they are thickest with the
open sides facing down. The lower lip....
Lower lip
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>Hi & Happy New Year ATHENians!...

We have an online course (on game theory) that we are evaluating for

One of the exercises is to have students identify the emotion of a face
(image-only). Adding alt text would be simple enough, though adding it
without giving the game away might be tricky...

It seems to me the real problem goes beyond technical accessibility into
Universal-Design-for-Learning territory. So the question is: Is there a
common UDL practice for handling this type of question? Is there an
accepted nonvisual equivalent to this task (identifying features of a
face image)? Is there a sensory-neutral form of this task?

Thanks much for any ideas,

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