[Athen] Reading PDF on iPad and iPhone with speech

Ron Stewart ron at ahead.org
Mon Jan 21 07:25:00 PST 2013

Karen currently there seems to be no alternative solution. ADOBE has chosen
to significantly limit the accessibility of their documents in the APPLE
space just as ADOBE has limited accessibility options in the APPLE space.
Based on my experience the most effective way to deal with this is to
convert to HTML 4.x which is very usable in the various APPLE OS

Wish I had a better answer, and would greatly appreciate any input that I am

Tangential to this, when we look at the iAuthor space we are going to run
into similar issues. Documents created in iAuthor appear at this point to
be fully accessible, given that the necessary due diligence was used in the
creation, in the APPLE world. These documents look like they will not fully
accessible in the non-APPLE world due to the use of proprietary technologies
in their creation.

Once again I would love to hear that I am in error in my thoughts. I don't
care what might be possible in the future, what I am concerned about is what
is possible and probably in the near term!

Ron Stewart

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I have a question from a school about the accessibility of PDF on iPad and
iPhone devices. I've tried reading a PDF using iBooks basically can listen
or not. I haven't found a way to navigate using VoiceOver. I found a PDF
reader called vBook that has voices that you can purchase for $4.99 but
before I spent money, wanted to check in here. I've also downloaded Adobe
Reader for iPad and I see that Digital Editions is also available.

The issue seems to be navigation around a PDF in this ecosystem. Any
thoughts? Comments?

If VoiceOver isn't great, and I see that Adobe Reader or PDF aren't on the
Apple VoiceOver supported/tutorial webpage, is there another solution?

Cheers, Karen

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