[Athen] Proposal form for AHG 2013 is up in test mode

Humbert, Joseph A johumber at iupui.edu
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Answer: Yes you still need a label element with a fieldset/legend combination. Otherwise every form control would have the same label.

The form accessibility issues that I found are:

* You don't have instructions on how to identify required form controls for sighted users (without hovering over the form control).

* Required form controls are denoted in the title attribute. But since the form control has a label many assistive technology will not read the title unless specifically set to read it as well.

* Since you have the same form controls for both speakers, you have two form controls with the same label but different purposes. You should make 1st speaker and 2nd speaker legends.

* The "1st speaker and 2nd" speaker radio buttons target the same label so they effectively have the same label.

* The "length of session" radio buttons leave out whether it is general or pre conference. (e.g., length of session 1-hr)

* The "type of presentation" radio buttons target the same label.

* All of your "if you have not presented..." input form controls in the table point to non-existent labels. Therefore, they are all labeled by the legend and have the same label.

* Some of your "for" attributes do not match the "id" on the corresponding form control.

* On most of your form controls you use both a label element and the aria-labelledby attribute. This may cause some assistive technology to read the label twice. I would suggest you use one or the other, preferably the label because its backwards compatible.

Other issues:

* Your skip links are not accessible to sighted keyboard-only users and will not work with webkit browsers. (http://whatisdamon.com/blog/2012/01/why-your-skip-to-content-link-might-not-work/)

* Some of your "id" attributes are not valid because they start with numbers (e.g., 1hour-ariaLabel). (http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/types.html#type-name)

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Hello All:

The form is up at: http://accessinghigherground.org/wp/proposalform.php if anyone would like to try it out. You can submit real proposals. I don't want to advertise it to a larger audience until it's tested a bit.

The form seems very accessible in my tests with JAWs with Firefox but JAWS with IE does not read the form controls correctly. Testing with achecker returns errors with missing labels even where I have labels.

Question: with a legend tag are you still required to have a label tag.

Any feedback is welcome.


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