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Morning all,

The primary problem is that WCAG2 does not have the requirements for the
necessary structural and navigation elements for effective use of curricular
content. For effective use of digital curriculum you need page numbers, the
content broken down by section and appropriate heading structure applied to
the content i.e. H1 for book and chapter titles, H2 for section, H3 for
subsections so on. Secondly you may need more elaborate descriptive text
applied to images (think longdesc) and finally you need all the front matter
and back matter for the book.

I also try to maintain structural consistency in the e-materials that I
create or convert. I leave in structural graphics and apply NullAlts, so
that these navigation indicators remain in the content as well.

In the ePub3 spec many of these items are in the optional requirement and it
is also my understanding that no effective way to handle long descriptive
text as well.

Ron Stewart

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I've been asked recently about the appropriateness of applying WCAG2 to
e-texts. I would appreciate any input people have on this who are more
intimately involved with e-text production than I am. What are the strengths
and weaknesses of it?



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