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Sean and I have talked about this issue extensively. My though is that we
are going to need to develop some public/private partnerships to continue
this work. Once again we have gotten so close, but never to the goal in
regards to browser based STEM accessibility. While I cannot directly
participate in the ALEKS work it is an area that is failing.

Ron Stewart

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> Oh, and MathPlayer does not seem to work at all in IE 10.

At CSUN, Design Science mentioned the lack of support for MathPlayer in IE
10 and said they were not expecting any changes going forward. While no one
would say it outright, the message was that MathPlayer support would not be
continuing in further iterations of IE.

I also found out that the Chrome browser dropped MathML support with version
25 (it was there for version 24) citing stability and security issues.
MathJax seems to be the only real model for cross-browser support moving
forward, but in terms of accessibility there are a number of issues. For
assistive technology access, I see a need to move to supporting MathML
directly as current options are dwindling.

Take care,


Sean Keegan

Associate Director, Assistive Technology

Office of Accessible Education - Stanford University

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