[Athen] RE: Accessibility of Various Library eText Platforms?

Rangin, Hadi Bargi hadi at illinois.edu
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Hi Al,

Yes, indeed.
FYI, we have active collaboration with two major vendors namely Elsevier and Ebsco and both companies are eager to enhance the accessibility of their systems. Ranti Junus from MSU (from the same campus as you are in) has been working with us for many years. I would like to invite you and anyone who is interested in enhancing the accessibility of Elsevier and Ebsco application to join the respective groups to shape the accessibility of their products.


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Our Library currently receives eTexts via a number of providers. It seems like every company under the sun has its own platform, and this decentralization is really a concern. Testing for, and insuring the accessibility of each is akin to hearding cats. We are assisting the library in evaluating the accessibility of several major platforms: Ebrary, Springer, Wiley, Elsevier and Ebsco. I'm curious as to whether others have already looked at any of these and what your findings were if so?
Thanks very much for any input,

Al Puzzuoli
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