[Athen] Accessibility of Various Library eText Platforms?

Kara Zirkle kzirkle1 at gmu.edu
Tue Mar 19 06:34:56 PDT 2013

Hello all,

We are currently in the same boat. We just met with the library and
began review of the major vendors and now have a listing of all A-Z
databases. We are looking at close 800 databases and almost 200
vendors. I've only begun searching for information on accessibility and
requesting VPATs from vendors. I figure that is a start to see how
quickly I receive something back to tell me where I need to start
reviewing. This is a complete mess since it involves major companies,
small mom and pop places and even government and universities databases.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas I'm open!

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On 3/19/2013 9:24 AM, Al Puzzuoli wrote:


> Our Library currently receives eTexts via a number of providers. It

> seems like every company under the sun has its own platform, and this

> decentralization is really a concern. Testing for, and insuring the

> accessibility of each is akin to hearding cats. We are assisting the

> library in evaluating the accessibility of several major platforms:

> Ebrary, Springer, Wiley, Elsevier and Ebsco. I'm curious as to whether

> others have already looked at any of these and what your findings

> were if so?


> Thanks very much for any input,


> Al Puzzuoli


> Michigan State University


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