[Athen] ZoomText - Issues with Reader with frames in Firefox?

Todd Schwanke tschwanke at wisc.edu
Mon Mar 25 10:32:42 PDT 2013

Has anyone experienced problems with the Reader function of ZoomText not reading within web pages that use frames/framesets when browsing with Firefox (previous versions through current Firefox 19.0.2)? I've had users experience this in both ZoomText 9 with WinXP and ZoomText 10.0.7 with Windows 7. The problem affects both reading when pointing at the text with the mouse and the App Reader tool. When the user turns on the App Reader it just shows the icon indicating it wants you to click on something to read, but clicking on the web page doesn't work. The same pages with frames read just fine with Reader when using IE instead. Also, if I have Firefox show only a selected frame from the frameset, then ZoomText doesn't have any problem reading the specified frame.

Have tried Chrome, but it has some of the same Reader issues as Firefox.

* Users cannot use IE in this instance because the site has other display issues with IE.
* We are looking for a shorter term fix or workaround until the site can be redesigned without frames.

thank you,
Todd Schwanke

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