[Athen] Logo as a background image?

N Dogbo ndogbo at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 09:53:44 PST 2013

Hi Athenites expert on web accessibility,
I please need your opinion / help here--
What do you think about company logo as a background image? Is this a
good practice? Is it or should it even be allowed? Even if an alt text
can be assigned to it, a person using a screen reader only sees an out
of context text with no target since background image is not picked up
by screen readers, resulting in a very bad / poor user experience. My
rule of thumb is-- if one feels the need to alt-text an image then
that image should not be a background image, especially company logo.

What do you all think and or recommend? Is there something in WCAG2.0
that sort of addresses that?

Thanks so much in advance for your help addressing my concern.

N Dogbo

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