[Athen] RE: Questions

Susan Kelmer Susan.Kelmer at Colorado.EDU
Wed Nov 13 07:11:43 PST 2013

Your only choice is to put in the alternate text if it is needed by the student. No publisher file or OCR'd file is going to magically know how to describe an image and give the information needed. This is the human, manual part of the process. Please note, though, that not ever figure, graphic, or table needs alternate format. Some are just "eye candy" and not needed. I would strongly suggest that you talk directly with the student about what their needs are and what isn't working (and what is).

And the majority of the Pearson "My Lab" products are not going to be accessible to a student using Jaws. Pearson says they are working on this but I haven't seen enough progress yet to feel hopeful about it.

Susan Kelmer
Alternate Format Coordinator
Disability Services
University of Colorado

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