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Terri Scofield terriscofield at cwidaho.cc
Tue Nov 12 13:58:03 PST 2013

Not sure if anyone can help me, but my department is working with one of our students' Accounting instructor who says none of the alternative texts we got for him at the beginning of the semester are accessible. Every time there is a picture in the text, his JAWS reader says, "image, image." His instructor dropped off an extra copy of his Microeconomics and Accounting book, so my coworker chopped them and ran them through our scanner to convert through the Abby Reader. Do any of you know if running it that way will work? Or do I have to go through his 1200 page Accounting book and add it the Alt Tags or Alt Attribute to each picture? I'm hoping one of you can help.

In addition, does any of your campuses use the Pearson My labs (ie. Myspanishlab, mymathlab, myeconlab, etc..) if so, do you have accessibility issues with them? These are programs that our college uses often and I'm concerned about how inaccessible they seem to be. Any ideas? Thoughts?

Terri Scofield
College of Western Idaho
Advisor, Student Enrichment
Student Disability Services
terriscofield at cwidaho.cc

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