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Greg Kraus greg_kraus at ncsu.edu
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The other thing I didn't mention is it can also depend on which
version of the application you are using. This number is different
than the version of PeopleTools you are running. I think some more
accessibility features started showing up in version 9.1+.

Honestly, keeping up with all of the versioning numbers with
PeopleSoft products is a nightmare. You have the version of
PeopleTools, then the version of the Applications, and not all
applications have to be using the same version - some can be old and
some can be new, all in the same environment. Every time I sit down
with our PeopleSoft developers I feel like we have to have a 5 minute
recap of what all versions we are on and what all of it means.


On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 12:57 PM, Greg Kraus <greg_kraus at ncsu.edu> wrote:

> Hi Jean,


> There are a couple of things that may help, but some of this will be

> out of your control. These recommendations are based on how we have

> implemented PeopleSoft, so I'm not 100% sure if it will apply in your

> context.


> 1. The version of PeopleTools (the environment all of the PeopleSoft

> Apps are written and delivered in) makes a big difference in

> accessibility support. I believe PeopleTools 8.51 was where they made

> some significant accessibility improvements. (I hesitate saying

> significant, because that implies I might be happy with it. It is

> significant in that it is better than the older version of

> PeopleTools.) Moving all of your apps to a newer version of

> PeopleTools is a major undertaking. You just need to ask your

> PeopleSoft developers what version of PeopleTools you are running.


> 2. It depends on if you are using PeopleTool's built-in UI components.

> When you use the default PeopleTools UI elements, they know for the

> most part how to also display themselves accessibly when a certain

> flag is set (see #3 below). If you are developing your own UI and are

> simply using the PeopleSoft business logic to do most of the work,

> like using it as an API, then you are responsible for providing

> accessibility support for your UI.


> 3. There is a user variable that you can set to always display the UI

> in the accessible view. It is in the user's preferences, although it

> is not always the easiest thing to find. I'm not sure how much of this

> language is customized for our version of PeopleSoft, but once I log

> in I need to go to "My Personalizations", then "Personalize General

> Options", then "Accessibility Features", and set it to "Use

> accessible layout mode". You will most likely need to log out and back

> in for the setting to take full effect. Depending on other

> circumstances and the type of disability the user may need someone

> else to make this setting for them initially.


> With #3, your PeopleSoft developers might not even know this feature

> exists. One problem we ran into was the user could make that setting

> in our "Portal", which is just the landing page you get to after

> logging in, but the setting didn't automatically propagate down to the

> individual apps. Our developers had to do something to make that

> happen. It wasn't hard, but it is something that can get overlooked

> when an underlying app gets updated.


> Again, we have a fairly robust implementation of PeopleSoft, so our

> environment may be a little different than yours. I hope some of this

> helps. If your developers need some help with the implementation of

> this I could put them in touch with some of our PeopleSoft developers.


> Greg


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> On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 12:22 PM, Jean M Salzer <jeano at uwm.edu> wrote:

>> There was so much chatter about mathtype - not sure if anyone saw my query

>> regarding peoplesoft/oracle and JAWS.


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>> Hello,



>> WE have a new blind staff member in our Graduate School who uses Jaws. The

>> IT person for the school and the university have been trying to learn more

>> about accessibility related to the following items.



>> 1. PeopleSoft (student information) tool: I've spoken with students of mine

>> who have said that PeopleSoft is workable to a certain point, then they just

>> prefer a sighted person. If I'm not mistaken, we were able to get Jaws and

>> PeopleSoft to play nice up to the point a person needed to search for a

>> class or a grade or whatever. This is, of course, several versions ago.



>> The staff member is fairly adept at Jaws and yet is unable to get into the

>> screen past the login. She has tried the usual keystroke combinations and

>> can't get anything going. I've advised the Grad School's tech person to

>> contact the company, but in the meantime, thought I'd see what others had to

>> say.



>> Peace.


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