[Athen] JAWS with IE 9 and MathPlayer

Teresa Haven Teresa.Haven at asu.edu
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Sean, I can confirm the behavior with JAWS 12.0 as well, but a caveat: after I saw the behavior I noticed that I had not updated MathPlayer to the new version. I performed the update, restarted IE, and re-opened the file, and it read the text of the file but completely ignored all of the MathType content.


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Hello all,

I am curious if anyone else has been having the following issues with JAWS and Internet Explorer+MathPlayer: When attempting to view an HTML document that contains math on the local computer, JAWS will only read the address bar and any open tabs. Further, when attempting to get into the main browser window, IE throws a notification saying that "The webpage is not responding" and then provides a button to "Recover webpage."

Pressing the Recover Webpage button or trying to refresh the document do nothing but reload the webpage. Once this happens, we get a few seconds of functionality before the error notification happens again.

We are running JAWS 13 and JAWS 14 on two different machines with IE 9 and MathPlayer 3.0. The documents were created in both MathType 6.8 and 6.9 using the Publish to MathPage function. We are using the IE behavior export option.

Has anyone else encountered these issues with JAWS, IE 9, and MathPlayer?

Take care,
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