[Athen] JAWS with IE 9 and MathPlayer

Julie Balassa jbalassa at valenciacollege.edu
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Sean, I had to downgrade to MathType 6.7 and MathPlayer 2.2. Publishing to a mathpage using MathType 6.8 and 6.9 produced all kinds of missing math, even though it was all there in Word, and the consistent error message that the webpage is not responding and the option to recover the web page, which did nothing. It's true I'm using Word 2007 as it's more compatible with some alt format production processes but I think the issue is really with MathType versions newer than 6.7. I've just been having a discussion with Pearson about a math e-book they say is accessible but Jaws does not read several symbols. They argue that it's because I'm using MathPlayer 2.2 with IE 9 instead of v.3 as v.2 was supposedly made for IE 8 and earlier but I know that's not the issue. I think the issue is that DESSCI produces products they have not really tested with Jaws and to make matters worse, you have to argue with them to prove that the newer products don't work. Once you manage to convince them, they tell you you're the only one who has this issue and promise to send it to their programmers and you never hear another thing. Try creating the documents with MathType 6.7 and reading them with Jaws and Mathplayer 2.2 and I'll be surprised if your issues are not resolved.

By the way, I'm on leave from Valencia till the end of November and submit these comments as an alt media specialist, not as a rep of Valencia College.

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Hello all,

I am curious if anyone else has been having the following issues with JAWS and Internet Explorer+MathPlayer: When attempting to view an HTML document that contains math on the local computer, JAWS will only read the address bar and any open tabs. Further, when attempting to get into the main browser window, IE throws a notification saying that "The webpage is not responding" and then provides a button to "Recover webpage."

Pressing the Recover Webpage button or trying to refresh the document do nothing but reload the webpage. Once this happens, we get a few seconds of functionality before the error notification happens again.

We are running JAWS 13 and JAWS 14 on two different machines with IE 9 and MathPlayer 3.0. The documents were created in both MathType 6.8 and 6.9 using the Publish to MathPage function. We are using the IE behavior export option.

Has anyone else encountered these issues with JAWS, IE 9, and MathPlayer?

Take care,
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