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Robert Beach rbeach at KCKCC.EDU
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JAWS says “List of one items, nesting level 1” which should give her the info she needs. When you reach the end of the nested list, JAWS says “list end nesting level 1” which lets her know she is moving back to the main list.

I believe NVDA also announces it this way, but I don’t have it available at the moment to test.


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Hi Colleagues,
In working with a screen reader user, she expressed confusion about a sub-list. JAWS just read "list of 5 items" but before it reached the end of those 5 items, it read "list of 1 item". She thought something was wrong because it hadn't read all of the five items. Is there a better way to mark this up so it's obvious the list of 1 item is a sub-list?
I asked if she could tell it was a sub-list because it hadn't reached the end of the 5 items yet, but she was more inclined to not believe the "list of 5 items" was correct.
Here's the list:

* Main Menu
* Courses
* Homework Sets

* Section 1_2

* Passwork/Email
* Grades


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