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A lot of this stuff we have to learn as we go. It’s just a great big game of pattern recognition.

Sometimes the context of the list items can give you the idea that this list is a sub-part of another list, but you’re right, sometimes that connection is not apparent.


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Hi Colleagues,
Thanks for all the feedback. With closer listening, we heard JAWS say, sub-list of one item, but she was not sure what a sub-list is. I found this a very interesting point. She expressed the same confusion over some ARIA labels. And this JAWS user is very experienced!
As web developers, we should be more careful that the semantic structure we work so hard to create, is explained to the end user. How is a blind user supposed to learn about ARIA , sub-lists and such things?
She navigates mainly with arrow keys in order not to miss anything when she's new to a page. And who can blame her since most pages she probably encounters aren't structured properly.

Karen M. Sorensen
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"The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.” Tim Berners-Lee
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