[Athen] Remote Real-Time Captioning and Bluetooth Microphones for iPad

Cassandra L. Tex Cassandra.Tex at humboldt.edu
Wed Aug 20 13:29:17 PDT 2014

Greetings All,

Has anyone used iPads for remote real-time captioning? What type of
microphone (presumably Bluetooth) did you use? Was it a lapel mic or did
the professor actually have to put it on his/her head? I wouldn't think
the built-in microphone on an iPad would be sufficient in a classroom

In the past we have used laptops with Revolabs wireless lapel microphones
for remote real-time captioning. The vendor we contract with for the
real-time captioning uses Skype and we've never had a problem with sound
quality with our setup (wireless network, laptop with Skype, and revolabs
lapel mic). However, we're looking for a more compact way to provide
real-time captioning (and perhaps even using the student's own device if
available). Hauling a laptop around can be cumbersome...

Would love suggestions on Bluetooth microphones that could work. What is
the range of a Bluetooth microphone? How far can the person with the
microphone be from the device it's paired with? It probably depends on the
device, but in general, how far apart can the devices be?

Having a CART transcriber in the room is not an option. We are in a rural
area and don't have folks in the area with this skill.


Cassandra Tex

Assistive Technology Specialist

Humboldt State University

tex at humboldt.edu
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