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Hunziker, Dawn A - (hunziker) hunziker at email.arizona.edu
Tue Feb 18 16:15:36 PST 2014

Hi all,

The University of Arizona is working with a Web Designer who has chosen the Milo font as the main font for our pages. Upon looking at this font face I see several items that are concerning: (If you want to view a sample, you can search for Milo font and there are images that will display the entire font set)

1. A "one" actually looks like an "I" and an uppercase "L" looks like "l" - which I believe is similar to Arial

2. When using numbers, some of the numbers drop below the line, similar to a "g" or "y" so 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9 are actually lower than the rest of the numbers. If you have a row of numbers such as 3/15/14 - you are going to have a wavy line of text.

I know there are standards for font sizing and how to code for font sizing but are there any standards for font and accessibility for reading that I can reference?

Thanks for any resources you can send my way!


Dawn Hunziker
Coordinator, Technology Access

Disability Resource Center
hunziker at email.arizona.edu

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