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Kathleen Cahill kcahill at MIT.EDU
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Hi Dawn,

WebAIM has a useful information about font types and accessibility: http://webaim.org/techniques/fonts/#readability There is some information there on spacing and uniformity that could be helpful in the situation you're describing.

I've also found some of the research of Dr. Aries Arditi of The Lighthouse in NYC very helpful. While I can't put my finger on a particular article, there is a resource page about legibility of fonts that is very useful: http://www.lighthouse.org/accessibility/design/accessible-print-design/making-text-legible

Dr. Arditi's other articles and findings are also incredibly helpful regarding font types and color contrast.

Hope this helps,

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Hi all,

The University of Arizona is working with a Web Designer who has chosen the Milo font as the main font for our pages. Upon looking at this font face I see several items that are concerning: (If you want to view a sample, you can search for Milo font and there are images that will display the entire font set)

1. A "one" actually looks like an "I" and an uppercase "L" looks like "l" - which I believe is similar to Arial

2. When using numbers, some of the numbers drop below the line, similar to a "g" or "y" so 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9 are actually lower than the rest of the numbers. If you have a row of numbers such as 3/15/14 - you are going to have a wavy line of text.

I know there are standards for font sizing and how to code for font sizing but are there any standards for font and accessibility for reading that I can reference?

Thanks for any resources you can send my way!


Dawn Hunziker
Coordinator, Technology Access

Disability Resource Center
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