[Athen] Re: Web Font Accessibility - Resources available?

Iza Bartosiewicz iza.bartosiewicz at rmit.edu.au
Wed Feb 19 16:46:35 PST 2014

> I know there are standards for font sizing and how to code for font

sizing but are there any standards for font and accessibility for reading
that I can reference?

Hi Dawn,

Poor choice of font is likely to impact everyone, not just people with
vision or reading disabilities. This is why, and particularly when
discussing typography with designers, it is best to cover both usability
and accessibility. Kathy has already mention the WebAIM and Lighthouse
articles, and here are some more references that might help:

How to Choose a Typeface

Typography and the aging eye: typeface legibility for older viewers with
vision problems

Legibility And Readability In Typographic Design

12 Typography Guidelines for Good Website Usability

The best compromise between usability, accessibility and design is to use a
standard font for body text and leave the 'non-standard' (but still
legible) font for headings. As long as you don't use more than two
typefaces - and the font size, readability, colour and contrast are all
taken into consideration - the resulting typography should be attractive,
usable and accessible. And your designer will be less likely to view
accessibility as a constraint on creativity. :-)


PS. I've got more articles on fonts here:

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