[Athen] Captcha problem

Wink Harner foreigntype at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 09:35:21 PDT 2014

Hi All,

Am curious to know whether any of you all have tested JAWS/Dragon with
CAPTCHA input panels. While working on something personal last night using
Dragon, I ran into a complete lockout from the site I was attempting to
enter (ok, checking my free credit scores!). The dictation was done
correctly, matching the CAPTCHA phrases, but was misrecognized by the site.
Consistently misrecognized. I was offered the option of an audio CAPTCHA,
but since that would also require the use of DRAGON to input in the CAPTCHA
panel, it too, did not work.

Any insights or work-arounds?


Wink Harner

foreigntype at gmail.com


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