[Athen] (Closed) Captioning Software and media players that supports HTML formatting?

Todd Schwanke tschwanke at studentlife.wisc.edu
Fri Jul 25 09:54:55 PDT 2014

Good morning:

We are working on putting STEM content in (closed) captions, including Greek letters, math symbols, and superscripts/subscripts. We have been able to get most of it to work with some work-arounds and manual coding, but are looking for tools that streamline the process and that involve less manual coding, and also a media player with good support for STEM content in captions. So far we have not found a player that will display the characters as superscript or subscript even though we have found ones that will display Unicode and more basic HTML formatting such as underline.

1. Has anyone found a captioning or subtitling software tool that:

a. supports importing transcripts that have basic HTML formatting (e.g. <strong>, <em>, <sup> and <sub> tags for superscripts and subscripts),

b. retains that HTML formatting through the alignment/editing process, and (we have worked around this by importing html files as txt files, but then you see the tags while editing, which is more difficult to align and messes with caption line length)

c. then includes that HTML formatting when exporting to relevant caption files?

(A tool that supports RTF formatting would also work.)

2. Has anyone found a media player that will display superscripts and subscripts in captions?

3. Has anyone else requested that Advantage Software (makers of the Eclipse software often used in court reporting and CART) add support for Unicode so that transcripts with symbols can be written in a single font and are more portable?

Thank you!

Todd Schwanke


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