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Thanks, Dan! The Surface Pro was definitely already on our list to consider, and it’s great to hear you just had the chance to check one out. Our institution is switching to Windows 8 for student use (not employee, thankfully) so testing in that environment will be valuable.

All additional comments and suggestions are encouraged! If we get enough people saying good things about the Surface, we might want to buy something else that hasn’t been tested so much so that we can contribute to the body of knowledge…


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Having just had my hands this week on a number of these at the same time, I'd have to go for the Surface Pro. Even though it's Windows 8, it will have a lot of built-in and other AT availability superior to any of the Android-based options. I was even able to run NatSpeak v11 on the one I had for a day.

More so than any other tablet, it's possible to do real work, easy task switching, and support for mainstream productivity apps (i.e. Office) is already there. Plug in a standard keyboard and it's nearly a "real" computer.

Even though it's Windows 8.

(I'd still rather have a real laptop)

-*- Dan

On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 2:25 PM, Teresa Haven <Teresa.Haven at nau.edu<mailto:Teresa.Haven at nau.edu>> wrote:
Greetings, all. A colleague of mine has gotten funding to purchase both an iPad and another tablet device (Windows or Android based) for accessibility testing purposes. She would like suggestions (with reasons!) for what Android or Windows tablet device to purchase. We know that students are coming to college with a plethora of devices these days; if you had to pick just one (aside from an iPad) to have in your toolkit, to use in order to learn more about its possible usability, what one would you pick and why?

Thanks in advance,

Teresa Haven, Ph.D.
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Northern Arizona University

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