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Hi Jane,

Yes - I have had experience with the Infty applications (there are variations on the Infty product). In short, Infty Reader is the component that will allow you to perform the OCR of the math and text content. The results of this file will then open in Infty Editor. Infty Editor is a editing application that allows you to correct and edit the output from Infty Reader - it looks a bit like Notepad on steroids (with a side of HGH). I am performing some evaluations this month to see how we can integrate the Infty applications into our current workflow production. Overall, though, I am impressed with the recent versions of the product.

From the Infty Editor, you can then export to Word XML and do any post processing work in MS Word to clean-up the content. A quick note - if you want the equations to be recognized as MathType objects in the document, you will need to run the "Convert Equations" function from the MathType ribbon.

Chatty Infty is a version of the Infty Editor that provides speech output. The idea is that a student who is blind would be able to interact with equations and use the Chatty Infty interface to also type them out. A good knowledge of LaTeX is helpful with this tool.

There is also a plug-in to Abbyy Finereader that will allow you to use Abbyy Finereader as the text OCR and Infty as the math OCR engine. I am testing this integration as well.

It is important to note that while you can get a good accuracy with Infty, it should be reserved for content in which you have mathematical equations and formulae. You *will* have to do some post production editing and this can be done using the Infty Editor application or by exporting to MS Word (via Word XML).

One last point - documents to be OCR'd by Infty should be 600 dpi. I have been testing different dpi levels and below 600 dpi you end up with too many errors. Unless you normally scan at 600 dpi, you will have to do some manipulation of the document to upscale to the 600 dpi threshold.

Take care,

Sean Keegan
Associate Director, Assistive Technology
Office of Accessible Education - Stanford University

On May 1, 2014, at 2:20 PM, "Jane Berk" <BerkJ at macewan.ca> wrote:

> Hello,

> Has anyone had any experience with the InftyReader OCR application that recognizes and translates science and math documents into LaTeX, MathML and XHTML? I've never heard of it.

> Thanks,

> Jane


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