[Athen] Drupal sessoin timeout extension

Paul E. Paire paire at temple.edu
Tue May 6 19:24:47 PDT 2014

Thanks Sean! I'll let the developers know (the page is hosted so there are restrictions on what modules we can use.) Hopefully this will be a viable solution!


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Hi Paul,

Have you considered the Automated Logout module for Drupal - https://drupal.org/project/autologout ?

I played with this module a bit on a test site and I believe it had the option of requesting more time for a session if the user was about to be disconnected from the system. I really did not spend much time on it, so I can't provide many details. I don't know how much control the user may have either and maybe this can be controlled via the Permissions.

Lullabot also did a review of the module: http://www.lullabot.com/blog/article/module-monday-auto-logout

Hope this helps.

Take care,

Sean Keegan
Associate Director, Assistive Technology
Office of Accessible Education - Stanford University

On May 6, 2014, at 1:06 PM, "Paul E. Paire" <paire at temple.edu<mailto:paire at temple.edu>> wrote:


We're in the process of implementing a site on Drupal which requires users to authenticate via a form (username/password fields to login to a help desk ticketing system.) However, there are session timeouts and we need to be able to present the users with the option of requesting more time (the option to turn off the session timeouts has been declined by our security staff.) Does anyone have any sample code (or know of a module) for Drupal we could give to our developers that would prompt the users if they need more time before the session times out (and if the click yes, to extend the session)?



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